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GRY-M 01400

Omni-2 Plus+ Vertical Diamond Wire Saw

The new Omni-2 Plus+ provides a performance upgrade for the popular Omni series of diamond wire saws. The new saw offers faster cutting and longer blade life compared to the older Omni-2.

The Omni-2 Plus+ retains the popular features of the Omni-2 such as being able to cut in any direction, the built-in water pump, and near-maintenance-free operation.

The Gryphon Omni saws use a very strong round steel wire blade that is coated all around with diamonds. The simple mechanism in the saw propels the blade up and down rapidly, enabling the operator to swiftly cut glass or other hard material. The simple design eliminates problems encountered in some other brands of saws that cause lost time, added maintenance expense and frustration.

The new Omni-2 Plus+ offers the best value today in glass cutting saws. You get a great saw for a low cost that now features much faster cutting, longer lasting blades, no expensive repair cost, is virtually maintenance free, and comes with 6 blades and all the extra accessories anyone would need.

Spare Parts

GRY-P 01405

Collet and slider - use existing wrist pin (Chuck)

The Chuck consists of the entire white plastic part that slides up and down on the two vertical shafts. Use your old wrist pin to attach the Chuck.

GRY-P 01410

Set of Upper & Lower Guides (OG2)

GRY-P 01415

Fine Turbo Wire Blade 3/pack - Box of 10 packs (OB3P-10)
Upper & Lower Bands with Bushings

GRY-P 01420

Standard Turbo Blade 3/pack - Box of 10 packs (OB3SP-10)
GRY-P 01425

Super Power Turbo Wire Blade 3/pack - Box of 10 packs (OB3U-10)
GRY-P 01430

Slitting Turbo Blade (SP) 3/pack - Box of 10 packs (OB3T-10)

GRY-P 01435

Toggle Switch for the 40 series