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After years of experience with Sales and Servicing Glass Processing Tools for Glass Hobbyists, we met Gryphon Corporation in the USA. It was a surprise for us to see that Gryphon Corporation was the sole company that offerd three types of Glass Sawing machines under their own Brand name.

The Zephyr Diamond Ring Saw, with an almost 7 inch Ring diameter and sawing in all directions
The C40 Diamond Band Saw, with an ultra flexible blade, capable of sawing with a minimum of material loss
The C40 CR Custom Band Saw, Corrosian resistand and designed for the coral fraggers in the world.

Gryphon Corporation has almost 50 years of experience in the Market of Glass Processing tools.

Besides the Sawing machines also machines like the Wet Belt Sander were found to be very interesting for us. Critical as we are, we invited Gryphon to send us the machines for testing the capability. After testing the machines we came to the following conclusions:

-  The Gryphon machines are all welcome and supplementary in the market for Glass Prosessing tools.
-  The Wetbelt Sander in its kind and Price Category, has no competition in the European Market as far as we know.
-  Not only the Machine Prices but also the Spare Part Prices are very compatible in the Market.
-  The Gryphon machines can be very attractive for many Glass Hobbyist or Glass Studios.

Our enthousiasme about the test results and the Quality/Price ratio, was the base for an agreement with the Gryphon Corporation to establish Gryphon Europe as main Distributor and Service Center of the Gryphon machines in Europe.

Gryphon Europe's goal is to support our European customers in their activities as"Users" of Gryphon Glass Processing tools.

Our Support means :

- A lot of attention for the quality of shipping packages
- After Sales support by providing problem solving solutions
- As fast as possible response to questions and orders from customers