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April 2004

As a Glass hobbyist my partner and I, launched in january 2004 a Dutch website for glass hobbyists (www.glashobby-webshop.nl). On this website we offered all tools (Hand tools and Machines) and materials needed to practice this fascinating hobby. For complicated stained glass projects it was very useful to have a glass saw machine. In the Netherlands, but actually in most European countries, only one brand was available. In January 2005 we purchased our first Ring Saw machine, for ourselves to work with. After a few months and a lot of use of our own glass saw machine, we ofered new machines for sale on our website. Although the machine was one of the most expensive tools on our website, sales of this machine was a succes. Nevertheless, we also experienced some disadvantageous points with this machine during use. Therefore we hunted for an alternative and then in July 2008 we found Gryphoncorp in the USA. They had four different types of Glass Saw Machines, three diferent Glass Grinding machines, a Miter Saw and a Wet Belt Sander in their sales program. We ordered all machines to test them thoroughly.

Although all the tests itself were satisfactory, we still had to make a choice which machines in our opinion, would offer a great added value to European users, compared with the current availability of similar machines. In relation to this it was also important to have the machines available in 230 Volt, which is the voltage standard for Europe.

- October 2008 we established the Domain name www.gryphon-europe.com and started sales.
- February 20st, 2009 we sold the first Zephyr Ring Saw machine to a Dutch customer.
- August 29th, 2009 we sold the first C40 Band Saw machine to a Customer in Greece
- Until 2010 Glashobby-webshop and Gryphon Europe together served lots of customers in 14 European countries
April 2011 we re-arranged our Distributor website ( glashobby-webshop.nl) from Dutch website to a Dutch, French, German and English website. After this major exersition the monthly "Customer-grow index" raised with almost 70%.

- Nowadays Glashobby-webshop and Gryphon Europe together serve many customers in 24 countries of which 5 countries lie outside the European area.

- In December 2013 we purchased the first C40 CR Custom machines. One and a half months later, in February 2014 we sold the first C40 CR Custom to a Belgian Customer.

- In 2016/2017 we have build-up a C40 CR Custom Group of 82 companies in 17 different countries in Europe, (See the Blue area in the map) and 41 Private/hobbyists C40 CR Custom users in 7 countries in Europe (see the Green area in the map).

The Yellow area in the map show countries with customers, who purchased other products.

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