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GRY-M 01300

Gryphon Diamond Band Saw Model C-40

This is the latest bandsaw from Gryphon Corporation, the company that invented the whole concept of cutting glass with a band saw over thirty years ago. This new saw's hallmarks are very fast cutting and the best reliablity in the industry. See the saw in action by watching the video on this page

Spare Parts

GRY-P 01305

Gryphon Diamond Band Saw Blade Twin Pack

GRY-P 01310

Band Saw Blade 1/4" Super Power Fusers Blade

GRY-P 01315

4-pack of Blade Guides for Model C-40

GRY-P 01320

Band for Lower Wheel Model C-40
GRY-P 01325

Band for Upper Wheel Model C-40
GRY-P 01330

Upper & Lower Bands with Bushings
GRY-P 01335

Lower Wheel for Model C-40
GRY-P 01340

Upper Wheel for Model C-40
GRY-P 01345

Upper Housing for C-40

GRY-P 01350

Toggle Switch for the 40 series
GRY-P 01355

Work Surface
GRY-P 01360

GRY-P 01365

Motor with End Cap, Ready
GRY-P 01370
Lower Shaft AssemblyAluminum Block, Shaft, Mounting Srews & Adjustment Screw
GRY-P 01375

Lower Adustment Screw
GRY-P 01380

Stainless Steel Collars
GRY-P 01385

Stainless Steel Shaft
GRY-P 01390

Upper Guide Holder
GRY-P 01395

Lower Guide Holder